Young Professionals

Take the YPN RPAC Pledge

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) was designed to help the younger generation of Realtors® build a stronger link with the real estate industry and expand networking and business opportunities. The YPN Pledge taps into the enthusiasm and political engagement of this a large and diverse group of Realtors®. This pledge promotes a culture of investing in RPAC while increasing participation in the Major Investor program.

The YPN RPAC Pledge encourages 1,000 YPN members to pledge to invest a total of $10,000 in RPAC over a 10-year period. Interested YPN members must sign up for the program online and start with a minimum investment of $100. There are also suggestions on how members can reach their goal of $10,000 in 10 years. A member must invest a minimum of $100 per year in order to remain in the program.

PMAR YPN members that have taken the pledge:

  • Drew Coleman
  • Lindsey Culver
  • Mel George
  • Kerri Hartnett
  • Patti Jensen
  • Alexander Phan
  • Jessica Tindell
  • Caitlin Williams
  • Paul Trakarn
  • Santino Fillipelli