“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.” – Pericles

Protecting Your Business

PMAR’s Realtor® Advocacy Department works to keep you involved in the regional issues that impact your business most. Whether it’s Sign CodesRegional Growth & Transportation, Energy ScoresRelocation Ordinance, or Local Elections, we’re here keeping the conversations lively and relevant. Are you looking for ways to grow your understanding of the town where you live and work? Come join the conversation and meet fellow Realtors® who share your passion for information and networking.

Realtor® Advocacy Policies

PMAR’s Realtor® Advocacy Policies are implemented as a proactive means to promote homeownership, the protection of private property rights, and the Realtor® right to conduct business.

The objective of the policies is to increase Realtor® presence within governmental entities and with the public, and to influence change where appropriate.

PMAR members meet regularly to ensure the governmental actions of the Association meet the needs and concerns of the Realtor® member. All members are invited to attend the meetings of the Realtor® Advocacy Committee.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees

PMAR’s Realtor® Advocacy Policies specifically encourage recruitment of PMAR members to join and monitor local, city, county and regional bodies, including Metro. Realtor® involvement is equally as important (not to be confused with “greater than”) as making a fair share investment in the Realtor® Political Action Committee. Below are links to websites that contain additional information on areas in which your services may be of interest and importance to all Realtors® and their clients.

Act. Vote. Invest

There is a difference between being “political” and being informed and engaged. How can you be an informed and engaged Realtor®?

Act. Participate in calls-for-action to make your voice heard on important issues. Here is how you can act: 

  • Issues that are the most critical
    to your business and homeownership
  • Quick and easy to respond
  • From PMAR and Oregon REALTORS® sent via e-mail
  • From NAR: Text the word REALTOR to 30644

Vote. Consider recommendations on candidates and issues during annual elections. Click here to register to vote.

Invest. RPAC dollars go to support issues critical to Realtors® and consumers.