Sustainable Practices and Information

With a changing climate and a growing emphasis on more environmentally conscious practices, the idea of sustainability is more important now than ever before. Your clients expect you to be informed on sustainable practices, particularly with Portland continually ranking as one of the nation’s most sustainable cities.

Don’t know where to start? PMAR is here to help. Our Sustainability Page can teach you learn the basics of sustainability as well as sustainable home improvement projects, recycling, business practices, sustainable preservation and more.

The site is updated quarterly, at minimum, to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date. Per policy, we only link to non-profits or governmental agencies. The one exception is in the Realtor® Education section, where we do link to a few for-profit education providers.

In 2017, NAR introduced their own Sustainability Program to engage their membership in sustainable practices. Find out more about NAR’s Sustainability Program here. You can also view NAR’s 2020 Sustainability Summit presentations here.

Sustainability 101

Sustainable practices are actions that can be taken in every day life that use resources in a responsible way and do not harm the environment. The most basic example of this that we are all familiar with is the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

In the homebuying world, this can mean buying a house with energy efficient features or one that has been renovated using non-toxin and/or recycled/salvaged materials.  Both of these are examples of using resources in a responsible way, and both work towards ensuring that our planet will be able to support life in the future.

Realtors® have a responsibility to keep up to date on sustainable practices and understand the financial aspect and livability issues of various properties in order to help their clients think through these issues as a part of the decision making process. NAR’s 2018 Realtors® & Sustainability Report found that 61% of Realtors® said their clients are interested in sustainability. While you are not expected to be an expert, it is important to have a basic understanding and provide access to good and reliable resources.

Realtor® Education

Whether you want to obtain a certification, a degree, or simply want to stay informed, we’ve gathered resources that Realtors® can use to help educate themselves on the issue of sustainability. Learn More >

Incentives for Improvements

Cash incentives, tax credits and low-to-moderate-income assistance opportunities for energy efficiency home improvements are listed by project. Only non-profit organizations or governmental agencies are listed.

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Homeowner Resources

Can green updates increase the value of your home? The answer is yes! These resources will help you learn more about the most cost-effective options for adding value to your home.

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Sustainable Office Practices

A list of actions that were selected and compiled by the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program as starting points for a small office working to make its operations greener.

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Recycling Information

From hazardous waste to construction salvage, find a way to recycle or reuse.

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