Sign Code & Advertising Rules

Rules and Regulations Can Vary

Municipalities and counties have their own unique rules and regulations pertaining to where, or even if, you are allowed to place a For Sale, Open House, A-board, or directional sign within their jurisdiction. PMAR has compiled a guide to Residential Real Estate Sign Placement by Jurisdiction to save you time and, potentially, money!

However, this document is merely a guide for your reference. It is not meant to fully reflect the ordinance. Ordinances do change from time to time so it is advised that Realtors® remain familiar with them. When overlapping jurisdictions occur, the more restrictive regulations usually govern. Questions should be directed to the telephone numbers listed on the guide.

CC&R Information

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and/or Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) can, and often do, contain more restrictive limitations on sign use within their boundaries than those of the municipality in which the property is located. HOAs are very willing to share when, where, and what sign type you can place within the community as agreed by their homeowner members, and some provide access to this information online. Please check with your seller and follow up on any possible sign restrictions from their HOA and/or CC&Rs before you or your sign installation company places signage on the property.

Call Before You Dig–Dial 811 

You are required by law to notify underground utilities at least two business days in advance before you dig on property (private property or public right of way). Call the Oregon Utility Notification Center to have underground utilities’ lines located at no charge to you or your client.

Administrative Rules Affecting Advertising