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Education Information

Realtor® Specialties

Wondering what those strange acronyms on your Realtor®’s business card mean? These letters signify that a they have taken advantage of advanced educational training in real estate specialties, available only to Realtors®.

Continuing Education Information

For information on your continuing education requirements, visit the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

Certified Education Providers

For a comprehensive list of approved providers for pre- and post-real estate licensing education, consult the Oregon Real Estate Agency. The following are two of the biggest continuing education providers in the industry.

Realtors® Commitment to Excellence

NAR’s Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) program empowers Realtors® to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to conducting business at the highest standards. It isn’t a designation or a course. It’s not a requirement, but a benefit available to all NAR members at no additional cost.