Advocacy policies

Realtor® Advocacy Policy Statements

PMAR’s Realtor® Advocacy Policies are implemented as a proactive means to promote homeownership, the protection of private property rights, and the Realtor® right to conduct business.

The objective of the policies is to increase Realtor® presence within governmental entities and with the public, and to influence change where appropriate.

PMAR and RPAC historically have supported candidates, public office holders, and issues that promote or defend Realtor® policy and legislative goals, regardless of political party. We call this the “REALTOR® Party” concept and we are firmly committed to it.

The Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® represents a diverse membership across our region’s communities. We not only acknowledge but also celebrate the rich diversity of our members and the communities they serve. Our unwavering commitment revolves around embedding diversity and inclusion deeply within our core principles.

At the heart of our mission, we champion fair housing standards and actively promote homeownership and financial literacy. Our goal is to nurture communities free from bias and exclusion based on intrinsic characteristics. We firmly uphold the belief that every individual has an inherent right to live without discrimination rooted in race, culture, gender, sexuality, or religion.

In our view, a person’s eligibility to purchase real property should be determined solely by their financial capacity and nothing else. We vehemently oppose any arbitrary or discriminatory barriers that may hinder an individual’s private property ownership rights.

In our pursuit of these ideals, we are committed to supporting and collaborating with organizations and elected officials who share our philosophy. We aim to work alongside those who align with our values, forming partnerships to build more equitable and inclusive communities for all.

PMAR upholds the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution which states, “No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” As the cornerstone belief of the real estate industry, preserving real estate property rights has been part of the mission of PMAR since its inception. We are committed to supporting the ongoing efforts of both the National Association of REALTORS® and Oregon REALTORS® that protect private property rights. PMAR opposes any actions that weaken an individual’s right to own and preserve private property.

PMAR supports the creation of incentive-based programs designed to achieve desired public outcomes in lieu of mandates, whenever possible. Mandate-based programs often have unintended consequences, including negative impacts on affordability and other undesirable outcomes.

PMAR opposes rent control for the following reasons:

  • Property owners have the right to set rents at market rate.
  • Lost revenue under rent control measures reduces the ability for the property owner to maintain and improve the property.
  • Rent control and rent stabilization put unreasonable costs and burdens upon property owners without compensation.
  • Fundamental economic principles indicate that restricting the prices that housing providers can set will ultimately decrease the availability of housing choices in the market.

Furthermore, PMAR supports the ability of a property owner to recover the owner’s property after the term of a rental agreement or lease, or in the event a tenant defaults on their obligation. These are key elements in a strong real estate investment market. Accordingly, PMAR supports legislation that assists owners in their efforts to recover access to their property and opposes legislation that forces additional duties on property owners without additional protection for their investment, while also ensuring that tenants’ rights are observed.

PMAR supports balanced Land Use, Development, and Zoning principles that promote a diverse mix of housing options across the region.  

As an inclusive community, we need to ensure that the homes we create for the people who work, live, and play in our region are both affordable and accessible to essential services. PMAR supports solutions that allow for homes that serve all members of the community, accommodate new populations, and help current residents find what they want.

PMAR recognizes the Portland region is lacking tens of thousands of homes necessary to meet our growing population and that Oregonians suffer due to this lack of housing.  PMAR believes that restrictive land use regulations play a major role in stymying the proliferation of new housing and recommends that government remove the barriers to housing construction.  PMAR embraces Land Use, Development, and Zoning principles that provide and encourage an abundant mix of housing types that meets community needs and provides sufficient housing for the Portland region.  PMAR recognizes that while many dimensions of housing affordability are beyond the direct influence of local governments, there are quantifiable direct and indirect costs associated with certain regulations. Some examples include permitting fees and system development charges. These costs have a bearing on affordability and must be carefully weighed in observance of their cumulative impact on the cost of housing. As such, regulations with such an impact should be streamlined and closely tied to a clear public purpose.

To ensure that all citizens have access to an ample supply of housing, PMAR supports the production and rehabilitation of new housing.  PMAR believes that there is no one-size-fits-all to housing and that a vast array of homes of various types and at various price-points are needed to serve members of the community, accommodate new residents, and ensure that Oregonians can buy a home that fits their unique needs. As such, PMAR advocates for policies that increase geographically distributed workforce housing through programs that remove the regulatory obstacles to affordability.  PMAR advocates for a variety of housing including ADUs, middle housing, single family dwellings, condominiums, and others.

PMAR supports efforts that address homelessness, workforce housing, and other housing affordability issues, to ensure everyone in the region has a safe place to live, work, and recreate.  We will continue to work with our partners in local and regional government to ensure all monies collected by government for affordable housing should be used for affordable housing initiatives.

PMAR opposes policies that violate private property rights through zoning, the permitting process, and other actions.

PMAR supports a strong quality of life for all residents by working with local stakeholders to improve the safety and environmental health of our region, which are critical for a vibrant real estate market.

We encourage support and collaboration of community stakeholders and elected officials to address transportation, maintenance, and growth needs, including easing strain on existing roadways, improving road and highway infrastructure and safety, and creating or otherwise improving alternative means of transportation such as public transit systems, walkable communities, and bike lanes.

Climate change policy development should include protecting private property rights, maintaining affordability/availability and smart growth principles. Environmental initiatives should not be barriers to the ability to own, use and transfer property. PMAR supports optional, incentive-based approaches to assist property owners in making energy efficiency improvements.

PMAR opposes transaction-triggered mandates and requirements that impose undue economic impact on property owners, managers, and tenants as well as restricting a property owner’s choice in the type of energy available.

A managed and sustainable tax base is essential to local government’s ability to deliver necessary services, new amenities for neighborhoods, and maintain infrastructure that serves the needs of the community. All decisions to increase or decrease taxes and/or fees, borrow or shift costs should be done through a public process that conveys the consequences to taxpayers and other stakeholders. Recognizing there is a need to strike a balance between taxes and revenues, before considering a tax or fee increase, every effort should be made to first identify and implement thoughtful, permanent reductions in City, County, and regional spending.

We believe in balanced and fair regulatory and taxation policies that meet the needs of a community and promote health, safety, recreation, education, transportation, or any other community benefit that enriches the lives and livelihood of those we serve and the clients they represent.

PMAR strives to recruit, prepare, and support members in their participation in local governmental affairs that affect their business. There is far more impact when our members are out in the public sharing their stories and fighting for Realtor® values.

The Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (PMAR) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting and enhancing the Realtor® member’s ability to conduct business ethically, professionally, and profitably. The members of PMAR are committed to protecting and promoting homeownership, establishing, and maintaining high professional standards of practice, and creating unity in the real estate profession.

A strong, vibrant economy sustains the communities in which we live and work and stems from steady and strategic residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Economic growth spurs new opportunities, creates jobs, increases the tax base, and invigorates communities.  Building a strong coalition with other organizations is a strategic path to supporting strong, vibrant communities.

PMAR opposes municipalities imposing additional business license fees and inconsistent taxes on real estate professionals.