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Used Goods

Information on donating and purchasing furniture and other household goods.


Each year, Metro collects more than 5 million pounds of household hazardous waste, with about 40 percent of it latex paint. Quality batches of leftover latex are then turned into MetroPaint, available in 1-gallon cans and 5-gallon pails for about $11 or less a gallon at Miller Paint stores, MetroPaint Swan Island store and independent retailers in Oregon and Washington.

Heating Oil

Oregon Energy Fund (formally Oregon HEAT) will work with homeowners who need to dispose of heating oil–they will work to have the tank pumped by a DEQ-approved oil recycler, and send a letter for their charitable donation which homeowners can use for tax purposes. Oil is donated to a local low-income family to help them stay warm in the winter.

Questions? E-mail Roger Anderson (, Oil Program Director, or call him at 503-612-6304.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Wondering what to do with those old paint cans, motor oil and solvents – and how to best dispose of them? Whether you’re a home or business, Metro has drop off centers to take your hazardous waste.

General Recycling Information

Portland metropolitan region and City of Beaverton information

Metro Recycling Information Hotline has friendly staff with fast, helpful answers to your recycling, disposal and waste prevention questions, including recycling beyond the curb, hazardous waste, and more.

City of Beaverton information on recycling at the curb and beyond.

Electronics Recycling

Resources for recycling computers, televisions and other electronics.

Metro has resources for recycling computers, televisions and other electronics.

TonerRecycle.Net strives to keep toner cartridges out of landfills and increase the number of cartridges that are reused and recycled.