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Property Do’s and Don’ts: What you can and can’t do on your property

Each city and county have differing regulations governing private property. Can you cut down that tree that’s shading your garden too much? What about backyard chickens? How many is too many? Are they allowed at all? We’ve compiled a list of direct links to the different regulations for the cities and counties in the Portland metropolitan region.

Can you cut down a tree on your property? Are there restrictions on types that can be planted? The answers can be quite complex, depending on your property. We provide links directly to the city and county regulations—but sometimes it might be best to just give them a call. We’ve got that information for you here, too!

From chickens to goats, and sometimes even emus and ostriches, cities and counties have varying restrictions on what types of livestock is and isn’t allowed within city limits. We provide links directly to the regulation, and if you have any questions, below is the contact information for the appropriate department.