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Carbon Monoxide Chronology

Here’s a simplistic chronology of enactment of the Carbon Monoxide law. The regulations require the carbon monoxide detectors to be “for all sleeping areas of the dwelling or housing.”

July 1, 2010: State Farm Marshall adopts rules for one and two family dwellings and multifamily housing.

July 1, 2010: All Rentals

“A landlord may not enter into a rental agreement creating a new tenancy in a dwelling unit that contains a carbon monoxide source…..unless, at the time the tenant takes possession of the dwelling unit, the dwelling unit contains one or more properly functioning carbon monoxide alarms….The landlord shall provide a new tenant with alarm testing instructions….”

July 1, 2010: Rentals

New language: A property will be considered inhabitable if it “substantially lacks”….”a carbon monoxide alarm…”

April 1, 2011: Amendment of Property Disclosure Form

April 1, 2011: Conveyance of Title or Transfer of Possession–Single and Multifamily To legally convey title or transfer possession, a one and two family dwelling unit or multifamily housing that “contains a carbon monoxide source” must contain one or more properly functioning carbon monoxide alarms that have been properly installed in “all sleeping areas.”

April 1, 2011: Penalties–Single and Multifamily

Purchaser or transferee has one-year to bring charges against the “seller.” Recovery is for actual damages or $250 per residential unit. Click here for additional information.

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