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PMAR Membership Frequently Asked Questions

PMAR Membership Application FAQs

PMAR Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about PMAR? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions received by our Membership Department.

Q:  How do I apply to PMAR and how long does it take before I can go to RMLS™?

A:  Please read our handout How to Become A Member by clicking here.

Q: Does PMAR have a dues payment plan and/or do you offer any waivers?

A: A payment/installment plan is not available.  PMAR, OAR and NAR offer dues waivers for members of the military or their spouses who have been called to active duty.  Please contact PMAR for more information, at 503-228-6595.

Q: Can I receive RMLS™ services without joining PMAR?

A: It is a RMLS™ requirement that their subscribers belong to a Realtor® association in order to receive their services.

Q: Can I join any Realtor® association I want?

A: Real estate licensees must belong to the same Realtor® association as their managing Principal Broker or Owner. If you are the sole Principal Broker of your own company, you have your choice of which Realtor® association to belong. If your office has satellite locations you may belong to an association that the satellite Principal Broker belongs to. Please call PMAR at 503-228-6595 to discuss your options.

Q: How long am I required to maintain Realtor® Membership?

A: A licensee in a firm that holds Realtor® membership must continue to maintain their Realtor® membership until they are either inactive, move to a non-Realtor® firm or move to a referral-only firm. Verbal communication that a licensee is going to a referral status or a non-Realtor® firm is not sufficient, the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) must be notified and the state record must reflect the change.

Your options are as follows:

You or your Principal Broker may change your license status to inactive with OREA by clicking here or calling 503-378-4170.

You or your Principal Broker may transfer your license to a non-Realtor® or referral-only firm. This is also done through OREA by clicking here or calling 503-378-4170.

If you are remaining active in a Realtor® office you will be required to pay membership dues, or your Principal Broker will be billed a non-member assessment on your behalf.

If you choose to move to a referral-only firm or a non-Realtor® firm you must do so no later than January 31st and it must reflect at the state to avoid paying a $100.00 late fee during dues season. Re-activating your license at a Realtor® firm, within 365 days or less of going inactive or to a non-Realtor® firm, will require a full annual dues payment.

Q: If I decide to inactivate my license, what do I need to do?

A: You or your principal broker must first notify the Oregon Real Estate Agency at 503-378-4170 or online here.  Your record with PMAR and RMLS™ is your responsibility and you must notify us of your license status change. PMAR will notify OAR and NAR. Your Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) record must show inactive before PMAR can update your membership to inactive status. Call us at 503-228-6595 and we will assist you with updating your membership.

Q: I’m not actively listing or selling property, but I want to keep my license active with my Principal Broker who belongs to PMAR. Do I still have to pay dues? If I’m a licensed assistant, do I need to pay dues?

A: Yes, to both questions.  As long as you choose to hold your active license with a Realtor® firm, you will need to pay dues to the association or your Principal Broker will be billed on your behalf.

Q:  Can my dues be refunded if I go inactive before the year is over or for any other reason?

A:  Dues cannot be refunded, as these funds are soon allocated and dispersed to the various programs and resources of PMAR, OAR and NAR.

Q:  When will I get my annual dues bill and when are the dues due?

A:  Annual dues invoices are emailed on or about December 1 and are due by January 31 of the upcoming year. Please visit our Annual Realtor® Dues Renewal FAQ by clicking here.

Q: How are my dues spent?  What does PMAR do?

A: Your annual Realtor® dues are split between PMAR, OAR and NAR and fund their respective services, including continuing education, dispute resolution and ethics enforcement, local, state and national lobbying, marketing communications, and various Realtor® resources. For a detailed accounting of where your dues dollars go, click here.

Q: Whom should I contact if my personal or business information has changed?

A: You may change your personal information by one of the following ways:

Go to the PMAR Info Change Form and enter the necessary changes and submit. We will update this information in our system and also upload it to OAR and NAR.  If you need to change your name, please call PMAR at 503-228-6595 or email

Go to the NAR website,, sign into your profile and make your updates. NAR will notify PMAR and OAR of your changes.

Be sure to also update your information with RMLS, the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA), and any other Realtor® organizations/affiliations to which you belong.

Please be aware that it is PMAR policy to never give out your personal information, including home or email addresses, to anyone.

Q: Whom should I contact if I am the Principal Broker responsible for making changes to our firm information?

A: Firm information can only be changed with a request from the Principal Broker via email. Send your firm change request to

Q: Where can I see if my Code of Ethics has been met?

A: Go to the NAR website,, and sign into your profile. The ethics training requirement is in two-year cycles, as set by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).  All Realtors® must complete 2.5 hours of ethics training once within every two-year period.  The current period began January 1, 2019 and ends December 31, 2020.  If you have not completed ethics training within this time, your record will show “No”.  If you have taken ethics within this period, and the website says “No”, please send us a copy of your certificate of completion and we will update your record. Please visit our FAQ page for Ethics Training requirements by clicking here.

NOTE: The ethics course is NOT the same as the Law and Rule Required Course (“LARRC”) that is required by the Oregon Real Estate Agency every two years.