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Inspections Advisory Brochure for Homebuyers

The intent of the Brochure is to encourage a discussion between agents and their clients about inspections and verifications. The Advisory contains a place for Realtors® to attach their business card, and may be given to clients who are considering making an offer to purchase a particular property. The Brochure makes clear that Realtors® are not licensed to perform specialized inspections or other technical services; encourages buyers to consult their own experts; and, recommends that they make any purchase only after resolution of any questions about a particular property. Principal brokers may find this Advisory to be a useful risk management tool for their agents’ use in standard residential purchase transactions.

This Advisory Brochure is copyrighted by PMAR, and is only made available to members in pdf format. If you choose to adapt or alter the brochure for your own company, please note that PMAR disclaims any responsibility for the contents of any altered document; PMAR does not endorse any altered documents; and “PMAR” or the “Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors®” cannot appear on the altered document. PMAR is not giving up its copyright, so the user should use caution in copying the contents of the Brochure, verbatim, into their own document.

If you have comments or concerns about the Advisory Brochure, please contact PMAR at 503-228-6595.

Download the tri-fold brochure

Download the tri-fold brochure for two-sided printing

Download the one-page brochure