Victory on Eviction Moratorium

On August 26, the U.S. Supreme Court struck
down the CDC’s existing eviction moratorium,
effective immediately. The order is now expired. In the 6-3 ruling, the court ruled that the CDC did not
have the authority to extend the order, finding that
only the U.S. Congress could do so. Learn more by clicking here

NAR Urges Fuller Rental Assistance Rollout

The CDC announced an extension of the eviction moratorium until October 3 in targeted areas seeing high COVID-19 transmission, which accounts for the majority of the country. NAR is assessing the order’s impact on housing providers. Read the latest here.

FAQ on New CDC Ban Extension for Housing Providers

Housing providers have special considerations when it comes to their residents under the new eviction ban. What precautions should they take? How they can ensure the building is protected and sustainable? This FAQ answers those questions.

Rental Assistance Resources

NAR offers a webpage devoted to information on rental assistance from a wide variety of sources, including links to emergency rental assistance programs, government resources, and more. Access it here.

Rental Assistance Finder

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a new online tool where renters and housing providers who continue to face pandemic-related financial hardships can locate and apply for payment assistance for rent, utilities, and other expenses. The new Rental Assistance Finder, at, can guide housing providers and renters to aid programs in their area.