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2020 Local Director Nomination Form

In accordance with PMAR bylaws, there are three Local Director positions on the PMAR Board of Directors elected annually from and by the PMAR State Directors. These are one-year terms beginning December 2019 through November 2020. As a 2019 State Director, you are eligible. If you wish to be placed on the ballot as a candidate, please complete the following and return to the PMAR office by Friday, October 25, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Michele Holen at or call 503-459-2154.

Please see below for Local Director position description and frequently asked questions.


To review and evaluate issues and activities of the Association to accomplish the goals and mission as outlined in the Business/Strategic Plan, and in conformance with the established annual budget.

Within the limits of the Association’s constitution, bylaws and policies, the Local Director is responsible and has commensurate authority to:
· Attend and fully participate, as a voting delegate, in the Association’s Board of Directors Meetings.
· Serve as a fiduciary of PMAR, maintaining the duty of loyalty and good faith. Diligently review information provided in advance of meetings; maintain confidentiality per policy; actively participate in decision making; disclose potential conflicts of interest.
· Endeavor to attend all membership meetings of the Association.
· Support and facilitate PAC Fundraising efforts. Make an annual “fair share” contribution to RPAC, at minimum.
· Have a working knowledge of the PMAR bylaws, policies, the NAR Code of Ethics, and Robert’s Rules of Order.
· Accept other responsibilities as requested by the PMAR President.


Who do I represent?
The PMAR Board of Directors (BOD) represents its 8,000+/- members. Your legal and fiduciary obligation is to determine what is in the best interest of PMAR and its entire membership and to put those interests before all others – including your own, and that of your company.

How often do we meet, and what if I cannot attend a meeting?
There are monthly pre-scheduled Board of Directors meetings that take place at the RMLS™ office, normally on a Wednesday starting at 9:30 a.m. We ask members to block 1.5 hours for each meeting. Meetings may be canceled at the discretion of the President, typically due to a lack of action items to be considered. However, the PMAR Bylaws require not less than nine meetings annually. Consistent attendance by each BOD member is necessary in order to ensure adequate stewardship of the association, therefore, if a member fails to attend three scheduled meetings within any 12 month period, the President may remove the individual from their position (with approval of the Executive Committee).

Is there training, and how will I understand what the issues are?
PMAR offers several opportunities for leadership training, generally including a half-day program and “Board Basics” at the first BOD meeting of the year. PMAR staff will email a preliminary agenda, with supporting materials where applicable, several days in advance of the Board meeting.

What types of issues will I be asked to vote on?
As a member of the governing body of PMAR you will review and approve an annual business plan and budget; set annual dues; approve public policy positions as they pertain to the real estate industry and PMAR governmental affairs policies; establish governing policies and procedures; consider major corporate actions; review financial statements; and conduct other governance activities typical of a Board of Directors.

Who serves on the PMAR Board of Directors?
Twenty-one PMAR members serve on the BOD: 20 Realtors® and one Affiliate member.

What’s in it for me?
Serving on the PMAR Board of Directors puts you in a position of helping to build a stronger, more vibrant and relevant trade association. You know the issues of concern in your industry and will now have a voice at the decision-making level. And, PMAR Directors often use their position as a stepping-stone to become involved on the Oregon Association of Realtors® Board of Directors and/or the National Association of Realtors®. An additional benefit of your involvement is the opportunity to meet and network with Realtors® from throughout the PMAR membership. You will also hear monthly reports from the Executive Directors of both RMLS™ and OREF, which give you unique, and often advance knowledge, of service issues and upcoming changes.

Who should I contact if I’d like more information?
PMAR Chief Operating Officer Michele Holen, 503-459-2154

Give Michele a call if you’d like to be connected with a current PMAR Director to obtain their insider perspective.